Installation of moldings

We offer installation of various moldings. Having worked in this field for many years, we have solved many exciting and different interior design projects, making our team comprehensively experienced. We value work quality and adhere to deadlines.

The skirting board hides the expansion joints between the wood floor and the wall. Nowadays there are very different shapes and constructions and different materials available. The most common skirting is usually made of soft wood. One side is rectangular and the other is rounded or with a characteristic profile. There are also MDF strips that are usually primed and have no surface defects such as knots in the wood. It’s possible to also choose plastic lining.

Even when installing a glue-free veneer parquet, a space of at least 10 mm should be left between the edges of the parquet and the wall in a medium-sized room to allow the parquet to swell when the room humidity changes.

The width of the boundary rail of the door should be greater than the thickness of the door frame. The strips are produced with a width of 47 (42) -90 mm.